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Are you an individual that wants to start a business, but something has caused you to procrastinate? A lot of people start the process of starting a business, but they never get to the point of actually launching it. They have several e-books, smart reports, videos, and e-courses just sitting on their hard drive. Each project is “almost” ready to launch. They often go to networking conferences and attend online webinars telling others about their projects and even piqued the interest of several people. Nevertheless, a year later, they are still in the exact same place and they never launch anything. They are full of fear and it is keeping them from pursuing their dream of starting a business.

Maybe you can relate? You have a hard drive filled with projects you haven’t launched. You’re an awesome dreamer, creator, and doer, but you’re still not putting yourself out there.

If you’re hiding your best work from the world and it’s time for a change. To start launching your products, you first have to understand what’s been holding you back. Here are the most common reasons why you’re stuck…

Fear You’re Not Ready

You may be delaying the start of your business by saying to yourself that you’ll launch soon. Or may that you just have to learn a little bit more. Maybe you even tell yourself you need to take a course on Facebook ads before you can launch. Maybe you believe that you need to have a shiny website with all the bells and whistles before you can share your product with the world.

The secret shared by most business owners is that when you start your business you will probably never really feel ‘ready’. You have to accept that there are some things you can only learn from hands-on experience and that type of experience comes from launching.

Fear You’ll Be Rejected

When you launch your products and/or services people will be giving you feedback, either with their checkbooks or their words. Some will even give you both. Do not fear this feedback. It will allow you to fine-tune your current offering and launch another product that your community will benefit from.

Fear You’re Not Good Enough

Insecurities can destroy your business if you let them, so some “wannabe entrepreneurs” keep attempting to collect degrees, certifications, and other types of external validation to prove to others that they are good enough to be a business owner. What you have to understand is you’ll never become an expert, but you can still become a well-skilled and profitable business owner. Even the smartest, most educated sidepreneur is still learning new things, but there’s always another rung you can climb on the success ladder.

Stop holding back your best material from an audience of people that wants to pay you for your expertise and your knowledge so that their lives can be better. Don’t deny them this or they’ll look elsewhere for a business owner that’s willing to launch (even if their material isn’t as good as yours).

Fear You’ll Be Successful

Although launching feels like a scary concept, you can’t avoid it. It’s why you created your business – so you could share your work with a community that’s eager to see it. So, get over yourself and launch already!

Some people fear success more than they fear failure, but success means having to confront your self-limiting beliefs about money and business. You have to deem yourself worthy of making money and avoid the feeling of failure as more comfortable than the feeling of success. Surprisingly, some people do not pursue success because failure is often a very familiar feeling. That’s why so many smart sidepreneurs don’t take action because success means facing the unknown. You need to learn how to embrace the unknown in your business and your life, otherwise, you’ll stay stuck and you don’t want that for your business.

Although launching feels like a scary concept, you can’t avoid it. It’s why you created your business – so you could share your work with a community that’s eager to see it. So, get over yourself and launch already!

Take the fear out of your launch when you download your free workbook.

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