4 Types of Emails to Keep Your Membership Subscriptions Active

If you have a membership website, you probably email your members once a month to deliver their content. However, if you want your members to stay subscribed, you should be emailing more often. Frequent messages keep your members engaged with your brand and make it less likely that they’ll suddenly cancel their membership with no warning. Ideally, you want

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Email Marketing in a crossroads

Your Sales Requires an Effective Email Funnel

When it comes to promoting a product, don’t just send an email or two to your list; instead, create an email funnel. Your funnel doesn’t have to be complex or big. In fact, one that’s too big might be annoying to some of your subscriber; instead, make your email funnel simple and tiny. Try to keep it to 4-5

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Woman holding a calendar

Prepare for 2019, by Reviewing 2018

Before you move forward with creating and pursuing new goals, it’s important to evaluate the last year. You can gain valuable insights that can help you achieve your goals when you pause to reflect. To gain valuable insight from evaluating your previous year you must approach the previous 365 days with a special type of attitude. This evaluation process

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