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3 Steps to Finding Your Passion and Achieving Your Goals

Life is both long and short. For instance, when you are 12 it may seem as though turning 16 and earning your driving license is so far away. When you are 21 the thought of starting to save for one’s retirement seems odd because the age of 65 feels like an eternity away. Time is constantly moving and life

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How to Use “Coffee Chat” Calls to Grow Your Business

A “Coffee Chat” call is a strategy where you make yourself freely accessible to your target market in bite-sized segments of time, usually 15-20 minutes. You give your mailing list a phone number and let them know when you’ll be available. Why You Should Offer One-On-One Phone Calls with Customers “Coffee Chats” are great because callers can chat with

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Do You Need a Business Coach to get Your Business Up & Going?

Do you really need to hire a Business Coach to become successful? Often times we may know the steps we need to take with our business, but systemizing those steps into “do-able” chunks can be a lot more difficult. There are also many “small” questions that come up as we build our business, and having someone to turn to

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3 Quick Steps to Creating a Vision Statement

If you were to go into the offices of a very large, successful business or check out any of their brochures or employee material, you will find their vision statement, mantra or some other indicator of their goals, mission or vision for their company. The reason that these companies write their vision on their wall and marketing materials because

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How to Use Social Media for Personal Branding

Personal branding on social media can be an intimidating topic for some small business owners and sidepreneurs. Maybe you’ve struggled with it, too. You want to be warm and approachable, but you don’t want to cross the line into oversharing. You want to be professional and polished, but you don’t want to be thought of as the boring guest

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How to Develop a Healthy Mindset When it Comes to Money

As a business owner, whether you are a Sidepreneur or a full-term entrepreneur, the way you “feel” about money can affect your business efforts. For instance, if you are overly conscious or risk-averse about spending money, it may hinder your ability to invest in your business. It is essential to assess and reassess your thoughts toward money because any

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Be Patient…Email Marketing Is about Multiple Touches

If you have ever tried email marketing once or twice but you didn’t see great results. It can be tempting to believe that marketing only works for some people or that you need a giant list before you can see real results. Here’s the secret to being successful when it comes to email marketing, you don’t need a large

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Great Customer Service Can Create Free Brand Ambassadors.

When your customer service goes above and beyond, your customers will love you for it. They’ll enjoy using your products or services so much that they’ll become brand ambassadors that share how awesome your business is with everyone they know. Use Follow Up Emails and Autoresponders When it comes to going above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service,

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