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My motto is that life should be lived BIG, with passion and excitement. My desire to live an AWESOME life has led me to many life-changing experiences and adventures. This desire for a life of adventure and to pave my own path resulted in my leaving home at 19 to join the United States Navy. After serving almost 10 years, I separated from the Navy with an honorable discharge to attend graduate school on a full-time basis. I have completed my bachelors with a degree in Criminal Justice, a Masters of Business Administration specializing in Human Resources Management and a Doctorate of Business Administration specializing in marketing. I am a Contracting Officer for the United States Federal Government. It is my dream job. It has allowed me to transfer my patriotic love for my country from military service to federal service all while utilizing my business skillsets and very expensive education. It also has allowed for much independence and adventure for my gypsy soul. While being employed with the federal government, I have worked in Chicago, IL, Washington, DC, Bethesda, MD, and Bismarck, ND. More recently, I have been able to move to my hometown in Ohio, and I am employed as a Contracting Officer/Business Adviser assisting U.S. military veterans by developing business relationships with large and small businesses. I love my job because it allows me to do what I am passionate about doing which is business development and providing services to veterans.

I am the CEO and founder of Small Elephant Consulting. Small Elephant Consulting is the secret weapon of start-up small businesses and entrepreneurs. We help you to start, operate & grow your business by providing coaching services, business plans, marketing campaigns, and step-by-step DIY business tutorials. We specialize in identifying the details so that you can focus on the big picture. The questions that we ask and the information that we supply will help you to establish and organize start-to-finish steps to achieve your goals. We believe that small businesses and entrepreneurs can make a BIG impact if they are equipped with the requisite knowledge and tools.

As a Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist for small businesses,  I am a strong advocate for helping individuals start and grow their own microbusiness to pursue personal happiness and additional streams of income. My professional interest focuses on teaching individuals with a meager marketing budget and little to no followers the process of developing a personal brand that is appealing to their target market. I am PASSIONATE ABOUT HELPING SMALL BUSINESSES AND ORGANIZATIONS. I want people to feel as though they have fulfilled their purpose in this life.

Last little thing about me…while I have assisted a vast number of clients in their efforts to start their own business, I especially love helping small churches fulfill their biblical mandate of evangelism by being the hands and feet of Christ. If you know any churches or nonprofit organization that need assistance with marketing, grant writing or business planning, please feel free to share my blog and social media posts with them!

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