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Can you imagine living a life with no passion? It’s like checking in and out of a job that you hate, but this more than just a job…this is your life! While this is hard to imagine, this is how many people are living their everyday life. As a Sidepreneur, I have a love-hate relationship with my job. My job requires me to do a 2-hour commute each day, and some of my projects can be mind-numbingly dull. So why do I continue to work my 9 to 5? My answer is similar to any other Sidepreneur. I love the benefits. I get 30+ days off per year, the salary, and I get to live close to my family, which I have not been able to do for a considerable amount of time. If any of these factors did not exist, I believe that I would be extremely frustrated with my current career choice. What allows me to be content with my place of employment is that I understand that it is not mandatory to be totally in love with your job to be happy. I have found that my life is enjoyable because I have identified my passion, which is owning a business and helping others start and grow their own business.

For me, there is nothing worse than growing older and believing that there is no hope for change or that you are stuck living a life that you hate. If you are living a life that you are not passionate about, then you are cheating yourself. The following are seven tips that you can implement to help you to identify your passion.

Overcome the Fear of Change

Overcoming fear can be a biggie! To do something different in your life, you have to stop doing what has made you comfortable. Yes, it is a scary thing to do. People rarely make changes because doing so will require you to do something that you know and that you like.  Unfortunately, doing the same thing over and over will prevent you from doing something new, which could be your life’s passion.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Yes, I am sure that you have heard the phrase “step outside your comfort zone.” It has been overused and can seem a bit trite, but it is still quite relevant when trying to find your passion. When you get too comfortable with your life, it can be the reason that you fail to make drastic changes. Unfortunately, it is the sense of comfortability that can cause you to resist change. The feeling of comfort with one’s current situation, even if it is a source of frustration, can cause one to become less willing to take the necessary risks that can help you to improve your life. Push pass the resistance the comes with stepping out of your comfort zone!

Constantly Continue to Learn

You should always seek to learn new skills or about unfamiliar subject matters. Try to learn a skill that you wouldn’t normally consider. You can even practice this tip at the workplace by requesting crosstraining and asking someone willing to show you how they do their job. Alternatively, you could become more involved in your community by volunteering to take on a leadership role. You could listen to podcasts or audiobooks while you commute to work. Lastly, you could watch a TedTalk during your downtime. There are numerous ways to continue your education without paying a dime. The important thing is that you keep exercising your brain and consuming information because it will help you to expand your boundaries in life.

Ask Your Family and Friends

Most people are confident that they know what they are good at doing, and for the most part, that would be true. Nevertheless, your family and friends may see things about you that you may not be aware of or fail to appreciate. You should ask those who are close to you what they think you are good at doing and be prepared to hear some interesting suggestions.

Consider Your Dreams

Most people have dreamed about what they would do if they could do anything, and in your dreams, you CAN do anything. Unfortunately, many fail to translate those impossibilities into their reality. They instead put their dreams on hold or on the backburner. You should turn the fire off and bring those dreams to the forefront!

Work for a Nonprofit Organization

You should investigate rather or not there are opportunities to work with a nonprofit organization that fits within whatever you are passionate about if you locate such an opportunity you should volunteer with them. The great thing about working for free is that it is usually easier to get your foot in the door when you offer your services for free. Also, the organization will be much more willing to teach you the skills you desire if they are reaping benefits as well. Though you may start working for free, you could ask to be paid after a certain amount of time. The concentration should be on learning your passion, so pay should be secondary.

Don’t Discard Your Hobbies

It use to be much harder to make money from your hobbies, but that was before the era of the internet. That is not the case nowadays. It is much easier to profit from hobbies. You can begin simply by setting up a blog and selling products that are related to your hobby. Or you can consider your hobbies and identify a career that is similar to that activity. When you identify your passion by looking at your hobbies, it gives you the ability to “have your cake and eat it too!”

Don’t cheat yourself out of living a goal-oriented life that you’re passionate about living. Stay encouraged! You can even refer back to these seven (7) tips to create a life you love and check out my other blog article and social media posts.

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